Longacres Vision Plan

JETT worked with Unico Development to create a new visionary master plan for the former Boeing Campus and Longacre race track site. With over 100 acres of land, including two existing lakes and trail systems, JETT established a vision for a transit-oriented mixed use development with a focus on pedestrian scale livability interconnected with the existing trails, open spaces, and rail station. A central plaza servers as the new town square anchoring the park blocks a with a retail promenade, new boat house, and lakefront access.

JETT designed four new full size soccer fields into the open spaces, connected to the existing office buildings and parking. As a result, the Seattle Sounders have chosen to relocated their headquarters and main practice facility on the site, anchoring a new sports district, reusing an existing office building, and creating a balance of work, play, and life for the entire community.



Renton, WA


Unico Development


JETT Landscape Architecture + Design